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This is me.
Anything about Nothing are a collection of random comics I make in my spare time or time when I should be doing other things. Like work.

Occasionally there are times I will find a comic that I have made and cannot remember making it. I lie, that only happened once. I make them because it's fun.

My name's Kelly Angel, I live in the north of England. I enjoy drawing, watching films, reading things, playing video games and some other things.



Rule 34 it

What's the deal with the cat?
What cat? There's no cat. You're crazy.

Where do you get your ideas from?
The lack of a social life gives me lots of free time to observe the weird things my cat does or laugh at pictures of animals doing people things.

How do you make your comics?
There's a quick walk through here.

A bit of rule 34 would look good here...
No, it will make disappoint my grandma (she'll never say anything about what she saw but the smile she used to give me will never again reach her eyes).