Problems with pokemon

31 Jan 2009 10:20 pm

Author's Comments:

Reply kangel, 31 Jan 2009 10:08 pm

:B I do love pokemon ... <3

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Reply ChocoboxxRider, 31 Jan 2009 10:29 pm

lol. i luv the second panel..such power..... XD

Reply digi300, 31 Jan 2009 10:46 pm

XD poor pidgy and squirtle


Reply Glori, 01 Feb 2009 04:38 am

I love the 3rd panel. That poor pidgey…

Reply kangel, 01 Feb 2009 03:30 pm

ChocoboxxRider - Hehe, thankyou! :D

digi300 - Hahaha, thankye :D

Glori - Haha, it's always the pidgey &#3232;_&#3232;

Reply sasracer, 28 Jul 2009 08:40 pm

lol. She soulda caught a charizard.

Reply hiruda, 30 Sep 2009 06:32 pm

AHAHAHAH XDD omg this is hilariousss XD

And that is y in the games, they wont let u teach fly to a pidgey ; w ;

Reply redleaveshavefallen, 15 Jul 2010 12:49 am

This made me so happy I could DIE Nuff said.

Reply FailureConfetti, 28 Jul 2010 04:57 pm

I love Pokemon, too! And this comic is adorable!

Reply Mashmellow Muffin, 06 Sep 2010 08:13 pm

Logic is broken in poke'mon. <3

Reply James Birdsong (Guest), 09 Sep 2010 07:58 pm

*giggles* So awesome

Reply ErNeDcLlEuSsSe, 03 Apr 2011 10:11 am

xDD Isn't that the truth.

Reply hujass1337, 31 Mar 2012 06:52 pm

I always imagined that Pidgey grew iron claws which could support 3 metric tons of weight that you hold on to and that Surf generates a giant tidal wave which you can control the direction of.

Reply Ryan (Guest), 24 Dec 2012 03:28 pm

Cheat life ⬆⬆⬇⬇⬅➡⬅➡ab select start

Reply ShinyHoundoom229, 25 Dec 2012 06:27 pm

@Ryan: If only that worked in real life. Wait. Maybe, just maybe...

*plugs NES Controller into ass, punches in code*

I now have thirty extra lives! I AM IMMORTAL! *jumps off cliff*

Reply Meh (Guest), 02 Mar 2013 07:05 am

@Ryan: That works in Scott Pilgrim too!! :3 haha ;)

Reply StygianKnight, 23 Mar 2014 07:48 pm

@hiruda: But did you know you can teach seismic toss to an abra? Poke-Logic's screwy that way...

Reply Flamessnake, 15 May 2014 05:35 pm

Oh... OH Well Dawn seems to be having a good time... if you know what I mean O.O'

Reply Ayrowen (Guest), 17 Feb 2015 05:56 pm

@ShinyHoundoom229: YOU ARE WASTING YOUR LIFE... oh wait

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