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Walkin' Along

July 25th, 2019, 4:13 pm
Makin' my way down town .... ♪♫
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From the Author
kangel July 25th, 2019, 4:13 pm
These buff Pokemon keep following me everywhere. It's a blessing and a curse. They only appear when no one else is around. The photos are always corrupted. Worrying.

I made pin badges.

You can get 'em here if you like.
Reader Comments
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Golb989 July 25th, 2019, 5:38 pm
Someone has watched too much "Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?" it seems...
JovanW July 25th, 2019, 9:31 pm
Don’t mind me
The_mad_one July 26th, 2019, 5:45 am
Looks like somebody is totally ready to POKEMON GO TO THE POLLS!!!
Smiffy SMF <3 July 28th, 2019, 9:45 pm
if pokemon was real this is definitely what would happen