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Who's a Clever Boy?

April 18th, 2016, 2:00 pm
Fine art Tubbs
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From the Author
kangel April 17th, 2016, 8:47 pm
I think this is the first time Bradley has been in a comic. He's my grandma's dog and is very cute and generally ignores me. I bought him a shark costume once for £1.25 from Asda. To this day it remains my greatest bargain.

Apparently, some of the smartest breeds of dogs are the golden and labrador retriever, poodle, german shepard and border collie to name a few. Some general dog trivia for you, maybe this will be an ongoing thing (I say that knowing full well it won't be).
Reader Comments
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RazorD9 April 18th, 2016, 2:19 pm
Hmm, going back to bed seems like the best idea ever. Good night!
Koren April 18th, 2016, 4:50 pm
I'd love to see a picture (or comic page) of him in his shark costume.
SuperferretIX April 18th, 2016, 5:25 pm
We have a labrador, a shepherd, and a kelpie x shepherd. I decided to run them through some similar tests. The labrador and shepherd aced the tests, my kelpie cross...not so much...but at least he knew his own name? ='D
8-bitSilverSnake April 18th, 2016, 7:23 pm
Our dog rather quickly learned all our euphemisms for "bath" and "walk", how to spell both, and how to make sure we weren't looking before snatching our sandwiches. We basically have to use diversionary tactics to get out the door without her noticing and running out to bark at the neighbors.
pandapandapanda April 19th, 2016, 11:05 pm
so cute auauaua
Raven (Guest) April 20th, 2016, 11:48 am
Nice picture of Tubbs in the back. :D
My dog is stupider than anything, but she can whip her head right out of a blanket.
jkhero73 April 25th, 2016, 11:49 am
Too accurate for our dog lmao