Black Out

07 Nov 2012 02:10 pm

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Reply kangel, 07 Nov 2012 02:14 pm

We had a power cut yesterday so me and my brother made comics :I
Or rather I made them and he talked at me. Good times.

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Reply RedJac, 07 Nov 2012 03:10 pm

Good times! I was there! See me? I'm hiding in the candle wax!

Reply kangel, 07 Nov 2012 03:25 pm

@RedJac: I thought there was something off about that candle!

Reply ShinyHoundoom229, 07 Nov 2012 03:41 pm

I was hiding in the darkness with Slenderman. He wanted to steal Glenda from you and eat your brother, but I managed to talk him out of it.

Also, Slendy wants to know how's that Rule 34 smut is coming along. He wants to make sure you didn't make his butt too big. He's kinda sensitive about that...

Reply orangensaft, 08 Nov 2012 05:11 am

@ShinyHoundoom229: Could you please leave Slenderman alone? He doesn't want you, so please accept it and stop talking about his butt!
You're the reason I have to hold and calm him down at night :(

@kangel: Apart from that, where's that R34? I mean, the damage is done, right? :)

Reply kangel, 08 Nov 2012 02:59 pm

@orangensaft: I can't do it :'I

Reply orangensaft, 08 Nov 2012 03:15 pm

@kangel: If you feel that it's inappropriate for the public, feel free to send it to my Facebook õ_ō

Reply kangel, 08 Nov 2012 03:19 pm

@orangensaft: Haha, I haven't actually draw it D:

Reply orangensaft, 08 Nov 2012 03:23 pm

@kangel: :'C
How, why, what! D:

Reply ShinyHoundoom229, 08 Nov 2012 03:34 pm

@kangel: Wait, so I didn't actually indirectly scar your grandma for life?

Well that's just great! Now what am I going to do with all these "I traumatized Kangel's grandma with my perverted mind" T-shirts?

Reply kangel, 08 Nov 2012 04:23 pm

@orangensaft: Maybe one day ....
@ShinyHoundoom229: Keep a hold of them - they might come in handy.

Reply Shom (Guest), 09 Nov 2012 12:47 am

The community demands the rule 34, it must be done lest you make us all cry.

Reply someone (Guest), 10 Nov 2012 12:23 am

Glenda saw slendy in the flame!!!

Reply MontyShay, 08 Oct 2013 08:07 pm

@Shom: there's always rule 35!!!!

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